Christmas Devotion- Day 9

Nor thorns Infest The Ground: He Comes To Make His Blessings Flow Far As The Curse Is Found.

Following the theme of the previous verse—we know that all of creation was subjected to the curse of sin. This earth, as beautiful as it is, doesn’t operate as it was originally designed. It’s worth noting that God didn’t curse the earth; mankind did through their disobedience. What we see now on earth and in the lives of people is not the will of God. The will of God was seen in the life of Jesus, when people were healed and set free.
Christ was cursed on our behalf, as clearly stated in Galatians 3:13. But we know that He isn’t cursed anymore, far from it! When He rose from the dead, He rose victorious over everything that had previously plagued humanity. While we don’t always see that victory in our current circumstances, we can look at Christ and see it clearly in Him. He was cursed on the cross and is now free; it is in His freedom that we are free. To see God’s will for our lives and the victory He has provided, we must look at Christ! He is our evidence that the curse has been broken. As believers we have been placed “in Him.” Let us remember this Christmas that Christ has become our life and our freedom from the curse that we see around us in this fallen world. We have been redeemed through Him. Let’s let God’s testimony of what Christ has accomplished for us be stronger than the circumstances that are constantly speaking to us!

Written By: Travis McDaniel

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