This business was birthed out of a desire to make home decor that was inspirational and would remind me of Truth. I love to decorate but found that, even though our house was "pretty", it wasn't necessarily inspiring. I wanted to decorate with something that had meaning and could help keep our family centered. I had only slightly considered it as a potential business opportunity, when in 2017, we felt called to move from Fort Myers, Fl to Sharpsburg, GA to attend a church we had connected with. We had to sell our home and current business in Florida. During this transition, while waiting on our house to sell, my husband and I would have long talks about what kind of new business we would like to start when we moved. We had all the nervousness that you can imagine goes with relocating your family to a different state. After kicking around some ideas, we decided to start rooted + grounded.

We feel so incredibly blessed and I am just so grateful to God and to the customers who choose our products. Whether its welcoming a new baby home, reminding you of your favorite scripture, or just making your guests feel welcome and your home feel brighter. Our tag line is "Words that Remind. Words that Inspire". I really feel like this captures the heart of our business as well as where we want to go, moving forward. From our signs to our t-shirt our goal is that it can serve the same purpose of daily reminding us of what's important. We have so many ideas for rooted + grounded and know the story is just beginning!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this and being a part of what makes this all happen!

Blessings from our home to yours,
Blake McDaniel

The Rooted + Grounded Team


dreamer, brander, anchor

Blake is the co-owner of Rooted and Grounded. She creates the designs and steers the direction, vision and message of our brand.


lover of systems, production manager, vision-caster

Travis is the husband of and co-owner with Blake. He oversees the marketing and finances of the company as well as handling customer service.


comedian, encourager, unifier

Lyle manages production and is in charge of the shop. He was our first employee and started with us in our garage. He’s the boss when the boss is gone.


music lover, problem solver, time saver

Jason is in charge of all of our shipping, from packaging to printing labels. He always finds the most efficient way to do any task, all while making witty comments.


carpenter, breakfast lover, innovator

Jesse helps produce our finished signs. He loves all things wood. He can also run shipping. A jack of all trades.


engineer, problem solver, worship leader

Chris was brought on to help launch and run t-shirts. He has also been a huge help with sign production.