A Recipe For The Christian Life

Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness. - Colossians 2:7

       I love baking, and this time of the year inspires me to find a good recipe my family will enjoy. As I looked at this verse, I realized that this is an excellent recipe for the Christian Life. So let's break down this recipe!

Let your roots grow down into him  

Sometimes the definition of a word helps highlight a concept for me, even if I think I know what it means.

Here is the definition for Roots: the part of a plant that attaches to the ground or to a support, typically underground, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant via numerous branches and fibers.

Our roots growing into Him are like us drawing life from His life. When we feed on Him, we nourish our hearts and plant ourselves deeper into Him. Feeding on Him is simply reading the Word, spending time with Him, praying, and meditating on who He is and his promises.

 Let you lives be built on him

 How we live our lives ultimately depends on what we truly believe in our hearts. The ways of the world vs. God's ways are entirely different. By believing what God says and living a life based on spiritual realities, we are building a life on Him, which is sure to be a great life.

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Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught

 When we get saved, our spirit changes, but our minds need to be renewed, and that is what the first two "ingredients" instruct us to do.

It takes time for a plant to grow. Keeping it watered and feeding on the proper nutrients nourishes the roots and flows into every area of the plant. That is us! Our faith grows strong with consistent watering of the Word and building our life on His truth.

 And you will overflow with thankfulness

 A fruit of the Christian life is being thankful. When we know and experience just how good He is, we cannot help but overflow with thankfulness. I will be honest; when I am focusing on carnal things (my to-do list, what I think needs to happen, or something that may not be going right), instead of looking to Jesus, I find myself not being thankful. So I go right back into focusing on Him, meditating on what I believe to be true in Him and then thankfulness really does become a fruit of my life. 

Thank you for being a part of Rooted and Grounded and allowing us to do what we do. I am encouraged walking through this and needed to hear this myself. God Bless you, and I pray you know the depths of His goodness!! 

Love, Blake (co-owner of Rooted + Grounded)

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