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Christian iPhone Wallpaper: Collection by Rooted and Grounded

For me, it is the last thing I see before I shut my eyes and the first thing I see when I wake up (other than my husband haha!) Our phones are our greatest tools, and I definitely think it is all about how we use them! I can get endlessly sucked into scrolling through all the things, or I can be productive for work and home or for my personal goals. For me, my phone is how I stay in the Word of God most of the time also! My bible app, blogs, and emails all help me keep the life-giving encouraging Word of God right where I see it most during the week! Blake and I love creating beautiful graphics and we love being able to share them with you also. We are constantly thinking of how we can share encouragement in beautiful ways that are easy to use for busy people like us! These Christian backgrounds for your phone are a perfect way to keep scriptures right where you can see them.


I Can Do All Things Through Christ Christian iPhone Wallpaper

Why Download a Christian Wallpaper for Your Phone?

At Rooted and Grounded, our passion is to help you add things to your life that are both beautiful, as well as encouraging and inspiring. We love creating beautiful things that you can surround yourself with that remind you of the love of God and inspire you to live in the fullness of His grace! Creating beautiful bible verses for your lock screen and Christian iPhone backgrounds was a perfect way for us to do that and get to share it with you!

These Free Christian Wallpapers are all original designs, including hand-lettered designs and are created with some of our favorite scriptures and encouraging words. Enjoy these gorgeous Christian iPhone wallpapers for spring that will bring some brightness and joy to your phone screen but also encourage your heart every time you check the time or your last text message!


For He Himself Is Our Peace Christian iPhone Wallpaper

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If the wallpapers that you have seen haven't caught your eye, or don't match your style, don't worry- we made more! 

Take a look at our entire collection of Christian Phone Wallpapers below and download them all to change your phone's look anytime you want! 

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Give Thanks Christian iPhone Wallpaper He works all things for the good Christian iPhone Wallpaper  I can do all things through Christ Christian iPhone Wallpaper 

I am with you always christian phone background


So why would I fear the future Christian iPhone Wallpaper I will give you rest Christian iPhone Wallpaper For He who promised is faithful Christian iPhone Wallpaper This hope we have as an anchor Christian iPhone Wallpaper

The faithful love of the Lord Christian iPhone Wallpaper For I know the plans Jeremiah 29:11 Christian iPhone Wallpaper For He himself is our peace Christian iPhone Wallpaper She confidently trusts the Lord Christian iPhone Wallpaper

You will keep him in perfect peace Christian iPhone Wallpaper You are chosen Christian iPhone Wallpaper Hope in the Lord Christian iPhone Wallpaper You are so incredibly loved Christian iPhone Wallpaper


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We have created a variety of products that help you fill your home with the Word of God and the Bible Verses that speak to you most. From pillows and wood signs for every room, to Christian T-shirts, we love to decorate with Words that Remind and Words that Inspire.



Mightier Than The Waves Wood Sign Rooted and Grounded

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  • Susan Testa on

    Very nice.

  • Chelsea Carter on

    Thank you for the beautiful iPhone wallpaper. I chose the ‘Psalm 112:7’ one.
    Rooted and Grounded replied:
    So glad you found one to use!

  • Amy on

    Love your designs!


    I love the iphone wallpaper choices!

  • ANgela on

    love what you are doing to provide a bit of inspiration and reminding us of God’s undying love for us all.

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