10 Astonishing and Undeniable Benefits of Prayer and Faith

It might be painful, but take a second and imagine the hardest thing you’ve ever done in life alone. Maybe it was a health problem, or you were in financial hardship, or even lost someone you loved.

Now imagine that you were not alone in that situation, and that there was someone with you through all of it, who was there at every moment you needed them, just to comfort you, show you love, and guide you in what to do next. Wouldn’t it have been so much easier to walk through that situation that you were facing alone?

This is how praying helps us! When we believe in Jesus Christ and pray to God the Father, we are never alone! We are loved with an unending, never-failing, constant love from Him.  Just as our name says, we want you to be “Rooted and Grounded” in this great love that the Father has for you! Prayer is a wonderful part of that relationship with Him.

Understanding Prayer and Faith

In the book of Matthew, Matthew accounts that Jesus took the time to teach us how to pray. In His time on earth, Jesus was careful to display the power of faith and prayer and demonstrate to us the same faith that we have when we believe in Christ. Even when faced with a brutal death, Jesus went straight to His Father in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane.

There are infinite benefits of prayer and having faith in God, and being rooted and grounded in Christ. Prayer connects us with Him and all of His goodness that is available to us!

What are the Benefits of Prayer and Faith in Our Life?

Including prayer in your life is nearly effortless! We can always connect with the Lord no matter where we are, what we are doing, or who we are with. If you are looking for a way to build prayer and reading the Word into your routine, our “That I Might Know Him” Prayer Journal is a great place to start. Each section gives scripture to meditate on and space to write out your prayers.

Our list of the benefits of prayer is only a few of the benefits of prayer. When we are continuously connected to the Lord the effects of prayer in our life are endless. We are always healthier, happier, and grounded in His love. 

Prayer Develops and Strengthens a Relationship With God

One of the best benefits of prayer, is that is simply communication with our Father. He is with us just as much as he would be if He were here on the earth. Our relationship with Him is a relationship just like any other and the more we just spend time in His presence and talking with Him, the closer to Him we will feel and the stronger our relationship will be. The best thing about prayer with our Heavenly Father is that he is ALWAYS speaking to us if we are willing to listen.

Praying Helps Us Make the Right Decision

When we are in Christ, we are a new creation and we have the mind of Christ! In 1 Corinthians 2, Paul talks about knowing things by the Spirit and when we are in Christ we are new creations with new hearts and new minds that are connected to the Holy Spirit. Because of this, when we pray we can be confident that the Holy Spirit hears us and can give us the wisdom we need for all things! The Lord’s heart is always to guide and direct us into decisions that will bring us abundant life and happiness!

Prayer Give Us Direction in Life

It is so wonderful to know that we can be confident in our Good Shepherd to lead and guide us. When we are hearing His voice in prayer and listening to His guiding voice through the Word of God, the Lord no doubt is there to guide us in life! 

Avoid Temptations With the Power of Prayer

Staying steadfast in prayer and in God’s Word and renewing your mind in Christ, will always help you avoid temptation. When we are connected to the Lord constantly, it is so much easier to follow His voice and stay in His will for us! He is a loving Shepherd who will always lead us away from temptation and keep us in His abundant life if we are following Him.

Prayer Allows Us to Be Present

God’s Word says in 1 Peter 5:7 that we are to always cast our cares on Him, because He cares for us. Prayer is the vehicle to cast our cares! The Lord always wants to stay present with us and for us to be in His calming presence. 

Miracles Can Happen Through Prayer and Faith

Another one of the benefits of prayer, is when we pray words of faith, things can change here on earth! Jesus prayed to the Father while He was here on earth, and He told us that we would go on to do even greater things. If we follow His perfect example of prayer and submission to the Lord, we have all of the power of Christ that He died to give us! 

Prayer Invites God Into Our Daily Activity 

Our God is personal and longs to be with you even in your mundane daily activities. As a busy mom, it always feels hard to carve out special time to be still and quiet with the Lord. But when I remember that He is with me always and that He sees my heart and only wants my communication, I can connect with him anywhere. 

Praying Helps Alleviate Anxiety

It is so hard to be anxious when our minds have stayed on Christ! Jesus offered us a life of peace and without burden. One of the benefits of prayer is that no matter where you are or whatever situation you are in, you can always stop and pray and ask the Lord to give you peace. Prayer combined with meditation on God’s word is the ultimate anxiety relief! 

We Gain More Confidence Through Prayer

The Word says that we can have every confidence in Christ! Prayer allows our hearts to meditate on His truth and grace and remember that we are new creations in Christ. When we are connected to the Father and to His kingdom, we can confidently face anything the world throws at us!

Prayer Helps Us Understand God’s Will

When we pray and read God’s Word, we allow our hearts to align with God’s will. His desire is always for us to be at peace, to have good things, and live in an abundance of His grace and mercy! Prayer and communication with Him always leads us in the direction of leaning on His understanding instead of our own. A great prayer to pray if you are seeking God’s will, is to ask the Lord to help you lean on His understanding and not your own. Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

Pray With Us at Rooted and Grounded

There can be so many benefits to praying for others. Our hearts change and our compassion increases when we pray for others. Our world is opened up and we are moved with compassion for them when we carry each other in prayer to the Lord. We commit to praying for you! And we pray that you will make a commitment as well to the Lord and to yourself to spend more time in the day in prayer.

To Recap, Here are the Top Benefits of Prayer:

  1.  Prayer Develops and Strengthens a Relationship With God. 
  2. Praying Helps Us Make the Right Decision. 
  3. Prayer Give Us Direction in Life.
  4. Avoid Temptations With the Power of Prayer.
  5. Prayer Allows Us to Be Present.
  6. Miracles Can Happen Through Prayer and Faith.
  7. Prayer Invites God Into Our Daily Activity.
  8. Praying Helps Alleviate Anxiety.
  9. We Gain More Confidence Through Prayer.
  10. Prayer Helps Us Understand God’s Will.

You can be confident that your relationship with the Lord will grow and that your heart will be opened to Him. Visit our other blogs for more topics on prayer such as how to keep a prayer journal for God’s word to fill your heart and encourage you! As you are building prayer into your daily routine, consider our “That I Might Know Him” Prayer Journal, which is a great guide for your prayer life and scripture reading.

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