35 Gratitude Journal Prompts to Boost Your Day


It is no secret that keeping a journal or doing daily writing has endless benefits. We know that journaling can grow your relationship with the Lord, help you learn the Word of God, and overall improve your mental health. Journaling or writing in a planner can help you to express your emotions and process life’s challenges. 

Adding the Word of God to what you are meditating on is key! His Word is living and active within us! So not only positive thinking and meditation, but learning God’s word and letting it settle into your heart will change your life!

When we are grateful and thankful, we put emphasis on what God has given us and we magnify His goodness! The Word of God quite literally commands us to be grateful and to have thanksgiving in our hearts all of the time. - And that is for good reason! The Lord knows that it is good for our hearts to focus on the good things in life rather than on the problems. 

Philippians tells us if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, to think on such things! The Lord created us inside and out and knows that our hearts and minds need to focus on things that are excellent. It affects us physically, mentally and emotionally! We have created this guide with 35 Gratitude Journal Prompts to help you get started journaling your thankfulness.

What is Gratitude?

Giving thanks! Anytime we are intentionally thankful it is an opportunity to cultivate a spirit of gratitude within us. Psalm 136:1 says, Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. What I love about cultivating thankfulness and gratitude is that we can start with anything. It can start with something as small as thanking God gas in your car, or being grateful for a good meal with family, and grow from there. We all have so many things to be thankful for! Maybe the only thing you can think of at first is the breath in your lungs, but each act of gratitude is so important and teaches our brains to look diligently for things to be thankful for! 

Benefits of Keeping a Gratitude Journal

It is so easy to slip into “go” mode in life and not stop to correctly posture your heart and make sure that you are meditating on the right things. If we aren’t intentional about what we are thinking about and focusing on, this crazy world will choose for us! There is negativity all around us and we live in a world that is constantly telling us we need something or that we are lacking something. Keeping a gratitude journal helps us flip the script and decide what we focus on. And most likely, when we focus on all the things that we do have, it will be easy to forget about the things we don’t have. 

  • Improves mental health: 

This might seem like an obvious bi-product of gratitude journaling, but many studies have shown that those who are actively grateful, are overall happier, more productive and more satisfied with life. 

  • Improves relationships: 

When we focus on the good in our relationships, we take the pressure off of all of the weak points. Gratefulness in relationships allows us to see the best in each other and operate in love. Wouldn’t you love it if those in relationship with you looked at you and only saw the best things about you? Gratitude magnifies the good and makes us more open and peaceful about addressing the difficult parts of our relationships. 

  • Increases happiness and joy: 

Joy is a natural product of thankfulness! Its so easy to find joy when you are thinking about all the great things about life. This is a tested and true method to infusing joy into even the darkest seasons of life. 

  • Increases resiliency:
When we magnify the good, it gets better, and it is so much easier to deal with negative circumstances in life. Eventually we can create habits that train our brains to find ways to be grateful in all things!
  • Increases motivation

Personally, I feel more motivated when I am in a grateful and thankful state of mind. I am motivated to care for the things I have been blessed with and more motivated to invest in others and be in a mode of giving. There is a freedom in gratefulness that allows you to praise God freely for what he has done without anxiety and worry. 

I am so excited to share with you our list of gratitude journaling prompts and ideas that you can use to jump start your journaling. These are great ways to start (or end!) your day and keep your mind focused on all of the blessings of the Lord. 

  1. How are you able to help others?
  2. What was the last prayer that the Lord answered for you?
  3. What’s a possession that makes your life easier?
  4. Who is someone who has blessed you this week/month/year?
  5. What’s something or someone that makes you feel safe?
  6. What physical ability are you most grateful for?
  7. What do you like about your job?
  8. What book(s) are you grateful for?
  9. What did you accomplish today?
  10. What is your favorite part of each day?
  11. What is something you have today that you prayed about receiving for a long time?
  12. What’s a tradition that you’re grateful for?
  13. What went right today?
  14. What’s one of your accomplishments
  15. What’s something that you’re looking forward to?
  16. How has God changed your life  in the past year?
  17. What is something that you used to struggle with but have now overcome?
  18. What’s a simple pleasure that you’re grateful for?
  19. Share a happy memory.
  20. What part of God’s creation are you most thankful for?
  21. List 5 things that you love about your home.
  22. What made you smile today?
  23. What makes you thankful for your spouse?
  24. What is one area of life that is easy right now?
  25. What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
  26. What is a way that God has healed you?
  27. What are you most proud that you have accomplished in your life?
  28. What scriptures and promises of God are you most thankful for?
  29. In what ways are you grateful for the gospel and for Salvation in Christ?
  30. Think about a difficult situation, but meditate on all of the positive things about that situation or what good things that could come of it. 
  31. What is a verse of the Bible that makes you especially thankful?
  32. What are the best things about your family?
  33. List 10 skills/abilities that you are thankful to have.
  34. What made you laugh this week?
  35. List 3 things that others have done for you that you are thankful for.

Transform Your Life with These Gratitude Writing Prompts

We are so often tempted to go to a doctor or to a pill, or different indulgences to create happiness in our lives, but if we follow God’s word and lay down our anxieties and pick up gratitude, we would see it change our bodies from the inside out! As you pray and meditate on the things you are grateful for, let it soften and change your heart to hear the Lord’s leading and guiding voice. Not only does He want us to have grateful hearts, but He knows that a grateful heart is a healthy heart. He knows that  a healthy heart is great growing ground for His word and is filled with compassion and love and mercy toward others. A healthy heart is soft toward Him and hears His guiding voice. 


We have created this free printable Gratitude Journal Template to help you get started in using the gratitude journal prompts we have outlined here.


Gratitude Journal Prompts


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