Decorating My Daughters' Room With Intention

My kid's rooms are important to me. As a mom, I think we all want our kids to love their room, but if we can put things in their room that will shape who they are and what they will hold on to long after they have a place of their own, that is a win in my books!


Letting The Word Do The Work

I have placed several specific scriptures around their room that I want to get into their hearts. I have talked to them about them(my oldest daughter anyway). Still, it's not something I am like, okay, you have to memorize this; my hope is that they would read it every now and then subconsciously look at it and remember what it says, and the Holy Spirit can use it to spring forth fruit in their life. I know that has happened with me, and likewise, my husband shared that the Lord used a couple of wall art pieces I put up to speak to him. The plan is to be intentional and let the Word do the work!

Creating A Fun Collage

This collage has been fun, and we need to add a few more little pieces, but I always love being on the hunt for decor. My oldest daughter and son painted some of the art, we included a framed print of ours (click here to shop) and a few fun finds at vintage shops. On the dresser is a scripture card from our Rooted in the Word Scripture card set (click here to shop).

Reminding Them Of Who They Are In Christ

This fruit of the spirit sign (Shop Sign Here) has been one of my favorite designs that I have done. We have told the kids that these characteristics are all in Jesus, and if Jesus lives in you, then you already have them. It is just a matter of renewing your mind to Christ in you. Again, they may not get it 100%, but we can build on it, and so can the Holy Spirit. 

Reminding Them of God's Promises

Recently, my daughter has been thinking and praying more about her future. She had the sweetest experience with the Lord concerning her future, and once she came across Jeremiah 29:11 a few weeks ago, and now it became her favorite scripture. So naturally, I wanted this pillow (shop here) on her bed to remind her every day of that promise.

Walking By Faith And Not By Sight 

"We walk by faith and not by sight" is something we want our kids to grow in, experience, and believe fully. This was in the room when our two oldest shared it, and when they would say something to us that was negative about a situation or contrary to what the Word says, we would point back to it and say, "what does your wall say?".  And then they would look at us and smile, haha:)


It's my hope that this inspires you to be intentional with your decor. To remind you that it's not just words on a wall, but we can actually decorate in an intentional way that affects our hearts and produces fruit in our lives and our family's life!

Written By: Blake McDaniel


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